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Aim for excellence and join the best strategy consulting firms.
PrepaStrat training is comprehensive and personalized: whether you're looking for an internship or a permanent contract as a senior consultant, you'll reach your goals like 99% of our students.

Our training courses

PrepaStrat has been offering paid training courses and free introductions to strategy consulting interviews since 2017.


Acquire all the reflexes of the best candidates in record time with a senior
MBB consultant. Intensive 5-day face-to-face training.

Interview simulation

Go beyond your limits and test yourself in real-life conditions against our former
consultants-recruiters from leading firms.


Impress your recruiter with your mastery. Selective training reserved for
candidates who have already mastered case studies.

E-learning Free

Study at your own pace how to solve case studies, prepare your application and
improve your business sense.

Webinars Free

Learn by watching an MBB consultant solve a case study live, and ask
any questions you may have.

Case partners Free

Meet candidates at your level: our algorithm suggests
profiles that complement yours.


Free listeners
(webinars and e-learning)


Coached candidates integrated
(bootcamp or interviews)


of our candidates receive
a Top-6 offer * (MBB, RB, OW, K)


Of our candidates receive a Top-20 offer (Consultor ranking)

* Out of 40 candidates having attended a bootcamp or more than 5 interviews with PrepaStrat over the period September - December 2020

Do you need training

Like most candidates, you share the same observation: the recruitment process in strategy consulting is a real obstacle course, selective, testing and as difficult as a Grandes Écoles competitive examination. In each round, the majority of candidates are eliminated (Table 1).

Fact #1: For every 1,000 MBB applicants, 3 will receive an offer.

Successful candidates are forced to prepare intensively. Without guidance, they need hundreds of hours of work to hope to get through the rounds to the end of the process - assuming they have had access to competent case partners and recent, high-quality resources! Traditional resources such as the Case In Point are outdated. Year after year, the average level of candidates increases; if you want to be at the top of the basket, you too will need to acquire all the codes and best practices of this very specific and standardized test.

Fact #2: Traditional preparation methods are obsolete.

In 2017, when we created PrepaStrat, there was no comprehensive, methodical preparation available to guide candidates through the entire process, from the start of their preparation right through to the final rounds of interviews. Having gone through the recruitment process ourselves and obtained offers from the best firms, we condensed all the information and experience we had gathered into a comprehensive method for learning how to succeed in board interviews, in a structured and progressive way. Since then, we've been updating our training courses several times a year, which has earned us undeniable success (Table 2).

Choosing PrepaStrat means staying ahead of the pack.

Table 1: 1% selectivity in the Top-20

Determined candidate preparing for McKinsey

Table 2: 90% of our candidates join a Top-6 company

Determined candidate preparing for McKinsey
We can't resist offering you some graphs, in dedication to all consultants at heart ;-)

Why choose PrepaStrat?

99% admissions

Virtually all our supported candidates land their internship or permanent contract in the consulting sector on the first try.

4 years of expertise

We are the oldest French-speaking player in online case study training. We also revolutionized the market with the first bootcamps. To stay at the forefront, we regularly update our content.

Specialized consulting

At PrepaStrat, you won't find any financial interview training: strategy consulting is our core expertise, not an add-on to our range.

MBB coaches

We select our coaches with the greatest care for their teaching skills and their recruitment experience. Our bootcamp and interview coaches all come from MBB (at least senior consultants).

Tailor-made teaching methods

We optimize the preparation of each candidate by offering them a personalized, modern and guaranteed no-nonsense approach.

All profiles

We train all profiles: from school students looking for their internship to experienced consultants looking for a change of firm, as well as doctoral students and experienced profiles.


Our students join the firm of their choice: strategy, management, auditing, IT, specialized boutique... We can advise you on the processes specific to each firm.


We deliver training specifically targeted at the French-speaking offices of plus major law firms: their expectations differ from what is taught in training international case studies.

Which candidate are you?

Which candidate are you?

Junior profiles

Whether you've graduated from a target school or have an atypical background, we'll help you to shine at interview, just like the hundreds of candidates who have gone before you!

Experienced profiles

Are you a corporate project manager, a recent MBA graduate, a doctor or already a consultant? You probably have specific expectations and little time to prepare for interviews. Optimize your recruitment by choosing PrepaStrat: all the senior hires we've coached have achieved their objectives.

What cabinets are you preparing us for?

We prepare you for the best strategy consulting firms:


McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company


MBB, Oliver Wyman, Roland Berger, Kearney

We also prepare you for other consulting firms:


Deloitte (Monitor Deloitte), EY (EY Parthenon), KPMG (KPMG Global Strategy Group), PwC (Strategy&)


Mars & Co, Cepton, Vertone, Simon Kücher, ...


Top-6, Big-4, Advancy, LEK, ...

Data curriculum

BCG Gamma, Black Quantum, Eleven Strategy, ...

IT firms

Accenture, IBM Global Services, Capgemini, BearingPoint, ...

Is your ideal practice really you? What training do you need to achieve your goals? Which firms should you apply to? We'll answer your questions during your

Some of the firms integrated by our candidates

Bain Monitor Deloitte Roland Berger Arthur D. Little
BCG EY Parthenon Oliver Wyman Simon Kucher
McKinsey Strategy& LEK Kea & Partners
BCG Gamma KPMG Global Strategy Group Kearney Accenture
  • Oct. 2017
  • Apr. 2018
    1st integrated candidate
  • Feb. 2021
    300th candidate integrated
  • Jan. 2022

Who we are

At PrepaStrat, we're convinced that there's strength in numbers. We're a close-knit team dedicated to looking after our candidates!
We're a close-knit team that cares about our candidates!



A graduate of ESSEC business school and former consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, Pierre-Adrien is one of the founders of PrepaStrat. This ultra-perfectionist was keen to pass on all his accumulated knowledge to future candidates. Since then, he has been the privileged contact for our candidates: highly educational, always enthusiastic and always ready to give good advice, his students are his priority. Over the years, he has acquired invaluable experience of recruitment processes, making him a benchmark for knowledge of strategy consulting interviews in France. He will be able to answer all your questions, even the most original ones, and give you personalized advice that will make all the difference in your preparation.



A successful serial entrepreneur, Youssef co-founded PrepaStrat after a spell at Roland Berger. In particular, he worked with Pierre-Adrien on the development of training content. At the origin of all PrepaStrat's development projects since its creation, Youssef puts his methodological rigor and entrepreneurial spirit at the service of candidates. He ensures that PrepaStrat training courses are always at the cutting edge of what is offered by top strategy consulting firms. With Youssef on the team, you can be sure that you'll always get the best training.



After excelling at her processes and securing an offer of an experienced CDI at McKinsey, Marie-Morgane, a former PrepaStrat bootcamp candidate, decided to accompany PrepaStrat for a few months before its official launch. A graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure with a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, and winner of the L'Oréal-UNESCO Young Talent Award for Women in Science, Marie-Morgane uses her pedagogical skills and exceptional learning abilities to produce new, highly advanced content. Marie-Morgane has been a computer whiz from a very early age, and has also worked on the design and production of the new PrepaStrat platform, which is more than ever geared towards achieving maximum performance from our candidates.



An experienced Senior Consultant with two MBB offers under his belt, Grégory was keen to give back to PrepaStrat what the team had given him during its processes. He thus created PrepaStrat's Bootcamp offering, writing all the course materials and a book of case annals containing over 100 self-corrected case statements. An expert in case studies and strategy consulting interviews in general, Grégory has been instrumental in advising experienced candidates wishing to switch to a top strategy consulting firm after a few years' experience, in consulting or elsewhere.



A brilliant candidate with an impressive career path, Clémentine is now a consultant at McKinsey, having hit the "Grand Slam" in her processes (offers received at every firm she has worked for). Clémentine contributed to the creation of PrepaStrat's content by being the first beta-tester of the course as it was being prepared. Having fallen in love with the pedagogy that has worked so well for her, Clémentine developed the monthly Webinars offered by PrepaStrat, which enable candidates to attend the resolution of a case study live every first Wednesday of the month from 7pm to 9pm. Her kindness and sharp mind make her a valuable asset to the team.



Mickael has 6 years' experience in strategy consulting. After a prestigious academic career (McGill, Bocconi, HEC), he began his career at Eleven, where he became Project Leader in 3 years. He then joined BCG Paris, where he also distinguished himself as a top performer. With 100+ interviews as a second-round recruiter, Mickael is fully aware of the requirements and expectations of strategy consulting firms. In fact, the 200+ PrepaStrat candidates he has accompanied have praised him for his commitment and the quality of his feedback. Passionate about teaching, Mickaël has now become a teacher in a high school in a priority education zone, and devotes part of his free time to PrepaStrat real-life interviews. With Mickaël, you can be sure of getting a perfectly accurate assessment of your level and suitability for strategy consulting.



Alexandre has over 8 years' experience in strategy consulting and finance throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Trained as a veterinary doctor, Alexandre went on to study at ESSEC business school, where he entered through parallel admissions. He doubled this diploma with an MBA from Cornell University. After 5 years as Finance Business Manager at Sanofi, he finally joined BCG, where he scoured the Johannesburg, Casablanca and Paris offices. Today, Alexandre is one of PrepaStrat's leading coaches, providing individual follow-up for all the candidates we support. With over 300 interviews to his credit, Alexandre is one of our most experienced coaches.



A double graduate of ESTP Paris and ESSEC's Grande Ecole program, Badis is currently a consultant at BCG Paris. He has also had experience in GAFA and internal strategy within a major international group. During his years at ESSEC, he was a member and then President of the ESSEC Consulting Club. This position gave him a close-up view of the strategy consulting firms in Paris, and a comprehensive vision of how to support students. His current experience gives him an insider's view of the world of strategy consulting, which enables him to help candidates better understand the firms' expectations.

Jody - Operational coordinator

Jody - Operational coordinator

With a Master's degree in Sales Team Management and as a training engineer, Jody is PrepaStrat's operational training coordinator. Jody's job is to ensure that your support is as smooth as silk: onboarding, scheduling coaching sessions, answering questions, providing support materials, etc. Jody will answer all your queries 24 hours a day via a private loop with your other referral coaches.

Mathilde - Communications Manager

Mathilde - Communications Manager

With a Master's degree in Communications from ISCOM and as a yoga teacher, Mathilde uses her communication skills to bring you quality content every day on our social networks. Mathilde's versatility enables her to support the founders in all their projects with great efficiency.

Tiphaine - Graphic designer

Tiphaine - Graphic designer

A talented graphic designer who has been with PrepaStrat since its inception, Tiphaine created the entire bespoke graphic charter for PrepaStrat. Since then, she has continued to support the team in the creation of new content. God knows there's a lot of it!

Paul - Editor

Paul - Editor

A graduate of ESSEC business school, Paul was involved in the creation of our online training content. As a student himself at the time, he helped ensure that our content was guaranteed to be straightforward and addressed directly to students.

Our bootcamp coaches

Our bootcamp coaches

Our coaches don't do things by halves. In fact, they are currently consultants at McKinsey, BCG and Bain: as they are still undercover, you won't have their names ;-) They all have experience as recruiters for large firms and are very pedagogical.

Nos coachs entretiens

Nos coach entretiens sont moins discrets : anciens ou actuels membres des meilleurs cabinets de conseil, vous pourrez en apprendre plus sur eux dans l'onglet entretiens.

Bain EMLyon

Paul, 7+ ans d'expérience

Fort de 7 années d'expérience en conseil, cet ancien Senior Manager de Bain & Company sera un coach de choix pour vous préparer aux derniers tours des meilleurs cabinets de conseil en stratégie.

Paul a d'ailleurs lui-même fait passer 100+ entretiens pour recruter les futurs "Bainees".

McKinsey HEC

Lamia, 5+ ans d'expérience

Après des années d'expérience à travers les bureaux de McKinsey dans le monde, Lamia accompagne aujourd'hui les candidats de niveau avancé.

Elle a développé une spécialité sur l'épreuve de fit McKinsey dont elle pourra vous livrer tous les secrets.

BCG Science Po

Mathilde, 3+ ans d'expérience

Mathilde est une coach très rigoureuse qui maîtrise parfaitement le process de recrutement en conseil.

Exigeante et impliquée, elle mettra toute son énergie au service de votre réussite. Elle saura aussi vous transmettre sa force de conviction pour faire sensation en entretien.

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